I wear it all the time I saw her

Hi Bustar is unadulterated

I got a decolte back rub to commend my first consideration in 1,000,000 years

I will steam the surveys that I got appropriately!

You used to buckle down

I’ve been getting surveys from them regularly

I’ve been to Bangkok mode without precedent for 1,000,000 years.

I just got one consideration previously

I love it such a lot of that I can rest profoundly. There’s a spot I like to begin

I cut it off with Cheongdam healthy skin!

I have been to Clermonde!

Isn’t the inside from the outside so lovely?

It’s more amazing on the grounds that it’s anything but a shopping center.

Because of you, I will always remember once I come here!

At the point when you initially came here, search for a billboard

I can remember it immediately!

I was prepared for Clermonde’s particular guardian.

Scratching and water treatment course for chest area and face care

It’s a characteristic story as it goes together

You can get it regardless of whether it’s not Yesin.

I’ve generally loved you since you dealt with me

I got a similar one again this time!

It has a white tone and the inside is extremely slick

The main floor has a work area, a changing area, and a holding up region

The second floor is where full-scale care is finished.

Every one of the items utilized in rub treatment!

France’s well known treatment beauty care products brand

I’m utilizing Dalpang items.

Individuals who are keen on style know about this brand, right?!

Indeed, even the holding up region is so beautiful!

The porch is enriched like a little nursery close to it

Do you think I feel like I’m in a bistro?

I planned to deal with her skin

I could move care immediately without pausing!

I was additionally fulfilled

It’s a spot with high fulfillment,

It is well known for informal exchange Bonny

It works on a 100% reservation framework!

If it’s not too much trouble, contact ahead of time before you visit!

I have a straightforward check!

I have a past filled with visiting, so I don’t record it,

What amount do you discuss your skin issues as of late? Roh

I messed with it!

Check this part cautiously!

I’m moving in the wake of putting on something else, keeping my baggage.

The fitting room on the principal floor is huge!!

It’s a 100% reservation framework, so there’s no compelling reason to go too far with different clients

There aren’t many, however the changing room was excessively large to the point that I adored it

It’s not stodgy and agreeable.

You can keep your baggage in the storage you need.

You can change into an outfit.

I need to take out the extras

I like to take out hoops, as well.

I wear it all the time I saw her remove her hoops

I generally neglect; Finally, not long before care

My supervisor? I got this is on the grounds that he let me know I am

There are sink, towel, dryer, and so on in the fitting room.

After the decolte knead, your hair will get harmed

Your head can get slick as well!

In the event that you have an arrangement or feel awkward

He washed and dried his hair here

I didn’t make an arrangement later~

I even brought a cap for this

You’re a veteran’s ability.

At the point when you go to Cheongdam for healthy skin, cap is fundamental!

I frequently prescribe you to pack your cap!

You don’t must have it in the event that you have it.

The misery of the individual 출장마사지 who can’t drive emerges from here..

Change and move to the second floor!

I got it in a space with 2 beds.

It’s been going exceptionally private

There are 2 beds, yet I got them without anyone else.

You’re getting pounded this way.

Would you like to deal with yourself?

So I don’t need to go too far

It was ideal to organize it independently.

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